165 Port and Maritime Regiment RLC Ex MULBERRY SNOW 18



165 Port and Maritime Regiment RLC deployed to Les Arcs on Exercise MULBERRY SNOW      18 over the period 2-11 Mar 18. With conditions close to perfect on most days it was an excellent opportunity for twelve soldiers of our Regiment to either learn the basics of skiing (Ski Foundation 1) or further their knowledge (Ski Foundation 2).

With the Regiment providing two of its own instructors, the students were guided through challenging skills and routes throughout the Les Arcs Ski Area. At the end of the week 2Lt Jardine said “It’s been a great week with Day 4 being the best days skiing ever!”.


A heartfelt Thank you to ‘The Wessex RFCA’ for your valuable assistance and as a result the Regiment successfully qualified eleven of its soldiers (six who had never skied before) for future courses and exercises.

Reserve Forces
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