7MI put Cirencester College Students through their paces


On the 19th April 7 Military Intelligence Battalion, under the direction of WO2 Steve Ambler, ran a joint Community Engagement event at Cirencester college. This was designed to give an interaction between military personnel and the students at Cirencester College; in order to showcase the Armed Forces and offer guidance to the target audience on Reserve and Regular military careers.  The targeted students were aged 16 – 19 and studying on the Uniformed Public Services Course, however because of the popularity of the event other courses also participated. It was an unmitigated success with more than 200 students going through the 5 stands; Map Memory and Attention Test, Code Breaker, Exercise Larkspur, Tyre Tower and Gun Run. The Battalion were supported by the Royal Wessex Yeomanry and 39 Signal Regiment in what was a well run and successful event.


Matt Reynolds the Vice Principle from Cirencester College said “It was really impressive to see the students being put through their paces, and the team dynamics that were exposed and challenged as a result.”

He then added “the teamwork instilled by the activities, and also the opportunity for students to develop and shine as individuals, created a positive and enthusiastic experience for all.  The British Army really are the best and it was fantastic for our students to experience this, and for them to have the opportunity to talk with the Reserves first hand, who were a textbook example of capable, open and friendly instructors, who were interesting and fun to work with, and who knew how to set a rewarding challenge that our young people could enjoy.  An absolutely superb day and a great opportunity for our students to work with your outstanding team.”




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