Army Cadets Success at National Swimming Competition


Six cadets from Somerset Army Cadet Force (ACF) travelled to RMA Sandhurst on Saturday 11th October, to compete in the National Swimming Competition.


The team consisted of a number of regional champions including Cadet Joe Thorne from Worle Platoon who won all four of his events at the regional competition earlier in September. Joining him was LCpl Lucy Langdon from Martock, who singlehandedly won the senior girls class for Somerset, by winning multiple times at regional competitions.

At Sandhurst, the cadets were competing in a range of swimming strokes and were up against the best Army Cadet swimmers in the country. Every region was present at the competition, so simply making a final was a big coup for these Cadets. There were numerous swimmers wearing GB kit, in various teams and several others who were obviously keen triathletes. It seemed that the entry requirement for the event was to be at least the member of a local swimming club.

Somerset Cadets competed in all strokes and reached the finals for the Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Individual Medley, Freestyle and Freestyle Relay.

Individual results from finals:

Cadet A Bartram       Wellington                Freestyle Relay           5th

LCpl L Bunker           Uphill                        Freestyle Relay           5th

LCpl L Langdon        Martock                     Backstroke                  4th

                                                                    Individual Medley       6th

                                                                    Freestyle Relay          4th

Cadet S Manley        Burnham on Sea        Backstroke                 4th

                                                                     Freestyle Relay          5th

Cadet J Thorne        Worle                           Butterfly                      5th  

                                                                     Freestyle                    2nd

                                                                     Freestyle Relay          5th

                                                                     Individual Medley       5th

LCpl I Thorne         Bishop Fox’s School      Freestyle Relay          5th

Overall the South West team finished seventh, a much improved score over previous years. The junior boys’ team (three Somerset Cadets – Manley, Thorne, J and Bartram) helped place third in the entire country for their age class.

Next year, Somerset ACF are hoping to send an even stronger team to the regional competition and get even more Cadets from Somerset selected to attend this event at the prestigious Royal Military Academy.

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