Army Reservists of 165 Port & Maritime Regiment take to the water in Plymouth Sound


Army Reserve mariners and marine engineers of 165 Port and Maritime Regiment honed their skills on an agile, water jet-propelled Combat Support Boat (CSB) in Plymouth Sound during a regimental training weekend.

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The 5-tonne CSB is a powerful, versatile craft whose major role is to support both bridging and amphibious operations and can be lifted out of the water afterwards by a Royal Logistic Corps mobile crane.

Reservists with 165 Regiment also learn to operate Mexeflote powered rafts and work alongside Regular counterparts at 17 Port and Maritime Regiment RLC at home and around the world.

Other training activities during the weekend centred on the unit’s port operator role, including vessel stowage skills. Reservists practised packing and loading ammunition boxes with forklift vehicles at nearby Derriford Army Reserve Centre.

As well as its HQ at Derriford, 165 Regiment has other sub-units in Bodmin, Southampton, Banbury (Oxfordshire) and Aylesbury (Buckinghamshire).

165 Regiment Reservists have deployed twice in the last four years to Nicosia in Cyprus in support of the UN peacekeeping operations, and will be returning for a regimental exercise later this year.

The Regiment is constantly involved in operations and regularly sends soldiers on deployment around the world, most recently to Jordan, Canada, Germany, Norway, France, Afghanistan and the Falkland Islands.

For further information on 165 Port & Maritime Regiment, go to the unit’s Facebook page

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