Bath Guildhall welcome for new Army Reserve battalion



REME is responsible for fixing and maintaining all the Army’s kit, including weapons, trucks, tanks and helicopters.

Councillor Martin Veal, chairman of Bath and North East Somerset Council, held a civic reception at the Guildhall in Bath to welcome 105 REME Battalion, currently setting up its headquarters at Keynsham.

Cllr Veal said: “This is a stepping stone to build relationships and to foster better understanding. The council and its members are fully aware of the role that you play on behalf of our community and the nation.”

The reception was attended by Brigadier Jeremy ‘Jez’ Bennett, commander of 1 Artillery Brigade, and of the Army in the South West, and also by the commanding officer of 105 REME Battalion, Lieutenant-Colonel Matthew Ware.

The battalion will have an operational Company, 158 Field Coy, based at the Army Reserve Centre in Ashmead Road.

The regiment will recruit across much of the South West and in South Wales, with Lt-Col Ware in command of sub-units based at Gloucester, Taunton, Exeter and Tidworth, as well as in Cwmbran and Carmarthen.

There will be opportunities for potential Reservists to be trained in a wide range of trades and skills – vehicle and recovery mechanics, metalsmiths, armourers, human resources, chefs and technical stores specialists. And as a Reservist they will develop leadership and management skills to complement their civilian careers.

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