Bristol Army Reservists mark 300 years of the Royal Artillery with sunset handover ceremony


The Bristol-based Army Reserve unit, 266 Battery, 104 Regiment, performed a handover ceremony at sunset on Clifton Suspension Bridge to mark the 300th anniversary of the Royal Artillery.

The Captain General's Baton at the suspension bridge, Bristol. Image Credit; paulbox

The Captain General’s Baton at the suspension bridge, Bristol. Image Credit; paulbox

Battery Commander Major Huw Gilbert arrived from Cardiff to rendezvous with Major Alex Cameron, second-in-command of 29 Commando Regiment, Royal Artillery, and to pass on the Captain-General’s Baton.

It is a specially crafted symbol of the Royal Artillery’s heritage, incorporating a WW1 mechanical time fuse and a WW2 shell primer.

In the spirit of their motto ‘Ubique’, meaning ‘everywhere’, soldiers from Royal Artillery units across the UK and Germany have spent 12 months circumnavigating the globe carrying the Baton.

It is due to be delivered to Her Majesty The Queen, who is Captain-General of the Royal Regiment, at Larkhill Army base, Wiltshire, on 26 May – tercentenary day.

The Bristol gunners have already been responsible for a Californian leg of the round-the-world journey.

California is familiar territory for the Bristol unit. They train there on a regular basis as operators of the Desert Hawk, a hand-launched, unmanned surveillance aircraft that provides video imagery, day and night, to ground troops. Some of the Bristol Reservists also take up an option to train as commandos.

To learn more about 266 Battery, call 0117 973 3801.

For general information about being an Army Reservist with 104 Regiment, Royal Artillery, visit or call 0345 600 8080.

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