In the run up to the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty the Queen’s Coronation, 25 of Bristol’s Naval Reservists were presented with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medals (QDJM) at an official ceremony this week.

Their ranks ranged from junior rates through to Captain, displaying the breadth of experience held within the unit. The event took place at HMS FLYING FOX’s training centre in the heart of Bristol.

Commanding Officer of HMS FLYING FOX Commander Sue Jameson RNR, said “I am extremely proud tonight of the officers and ratings here in HMS FLYING FOX who have received their medals. Every reservist has their own unique story to tell with many experiences and achievements as they continue to serve both Queen and country in a highly effective manner, many of whom have deployed operationally and they deserve this recognition.”

The QDJM is a commemorative medal designed to mark the Queen’s 60 years on the throne and continues to be awarded during 2012 to members of the emergency services, Prison Service and Armed Forces personnel who had completed five years service on 6th Feb 12.

HMS FLYING FOX is a Royal Naval Reserve Unit based in Bristol that recruits and trains personnel who are deployed with the Royal Navy in times of tension, humanitarian crisis, or conflict. They may be also be civilians but as Reservists they wear the same uniform and do much of the same training as the Regulars. The unit has enjoyed a long association with the historic port of Bristol. This was formally recognised when HMS FLYING FOX was awarded the Freedom of the City of Bristol in 2002.

To be a Royal Naval Reservist you need to be just as fit as the regulars, meet the same academic requirements, wear the same uniform, and be deployed for active service when needed. You get the best of both worlds by being able to keep your civilian job while getting paid extra for your naval duties.

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