Cadet Force Adult Volunteer Advertisement – Wiltshire Army Cadet Force County Sports Officer

1. General. Wiltshire Army Cadet Force (Wilts ACF) currently have a vacant Cadet Force Adult Volunteer (CFAV) post of County Sports Officer that they are keen to fill with a suitable volunteer. Details of the post are below and anyone interested may apply in the timelines detailed within this advertisement.

2. Application Key Dates. Key dates for applications are as follows:

a. Start Date for Application. Mon 6 Jan 20.

b. Closing Date for Application. Sun 16 Feb 20.

c. Interview Period. TBC but likely some time over the period 24 Feb to 2 Mar 20. Interviews will likely take place at Wilts ACF HQ in Devizes.

3. Base Location. Ideally candidates should live in the Wiltshire area but there is no base location for the appointment holder, noting ACF training is conducted across Wiltshire but that the HQ is based in Devizes and the Cadet Training Centre (CTC) in Tilshead (near Westdown Camp on SPTA).

4. Appointment Details. Details for this appointment, which are contained in ACF Regulations, are below:

a. Rank Range. SMI to Capt.

b. Eligibility. Rank Qualifications and Experience not applicable but the ability to manage and organise is crucial.

c. Responsibilities.

(1) Assurance.

(a) Advise the Cadet Commandant on all aspects of Sports.

(b) To be responsible for implementing the County sports policy on behalf of the County Cadet Commandant.

(c) To be aware of the legal and safety requirements of sport in the ACF and the values of the governing body under which the event is being conducted.

(d) To maintain achievements records of cadets selected for County and Regional teams and that cadet participation and representation is entered onto the Westminster record system.

(2) Promotion of Sport.

(a) Be a member of the County Sports Committee.

(b) To select members of and disseminate information to a Team Detachment /Area Sports representative.

(c) Although outside the remit of the specific duties of a County Sports Officer, it is desirable that he/she should be proficient in the sports aspect of the APC Syllabus, similar aspects of the D of E Syllabus and, in some instances, Adventurous Training activities.

(3) Organisation and Training.

(a) To attend all meetings/seminars on behalf of the Commandant and to report the contents and recommendations made.

(b) To be aware of dates, times and venues of Regional, National and Inter-Service events and plan the County Sports Programme accordingly.

(c) To be responsible for the organisation, control and administration of the full programme of County Sports Competitions.

(d) To organise Leagues, Pools and Knockout Competitions (to include sports on annual camp).

(e) To select County sports teams and to be responsible for their administration.

(f) To liaise with the Regional Secretary/Committee with regard to travel and administrative arrangements for cadets selected to represent the Region in National or Inter-Service events.

(g) To be responsible for the organisation, control and administration of the Annual Camp Sports Programme with special emphasis on major and minor team games with full integration of female cadets.

5. Point of Contact. The point of contact for applications (email with CV and Record of Service if already a CFAV) and also for additional information should it be required, is:

J E Le Feuvre MBE MBA (John)


Wiltshire Army Cadet Force

Le Marchant Barracks

Franklyn Road

Devizes SN10 2FE

Telephone: (01380) 724114 Option 2



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