Cornwall Sea Cadets give local Army and Air Cadets a taste of life on the water


Cornwall Sea, Army and Air Cadets joined forces on Saturday (October 5) for a Boating Experience Day at Stithians Lake.

The event, run by the Cornwall Sea Cadets, saw local Cadets from all three services united for the first time with the opportunity to take part in a joint training exercise.

Cadets joining forces on the water at Stithians Lake. Taken by Vaughan Magor.

Cadets joining forces on the water at Stithians Lake. Picture taken by Vaughan Magor.

Lt Commander Gary Truscott held the day at the Sea Cadets Boating Centre, Stithians Lake, Redruth, Cornwall.

He said the day said the day went ‘swimmingly’ as it was an ideal opportunity for Army and Air Cadets to meet and develop contacts with the local Sea Cadet Corps unit.

During the course of the day Cadets had the opportunity to train on power boats, rowing boats, kayaks and Canadian Canoes.

Many Cadets and Adult instructors came away with water qualifications usually only available to the Sea Cadets.

Cadet Units across all three services are always looking for young people to join, whether it would be as a Sea Cadet, an Army Cadet, or as an Air Training Corps Cadet.

If you are interested in joining the Cadet Forces as a Cadet or an Adult Instructor, please visit for more information.

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