Gloucestershire Cadets defeat British Army soldiers in Tug of War Championships


Gloucestershire Cadets came out on top against British soldiers this January at the Army Indoor Tug of War Championships in Aldershot.

The Gloucestershire ACF Tug of War Male Team

Gloucestershire ACF male team competing at the Tug of War Championships

The competition took place on January 23, 2014 and the Cadet teams faced tough competition at the Championships as their competitors included British Army soldiers from across the country.

Second Lieutenant Alan Cook, Adult Volunteer at Gloucestershire Army Cadet Force (ACF), commented: “There were a few surprised looks as the Cadets started their warm up exercises and a few comments were passed that a youth team would have no chance against the Regular Services.

“However these concerned comments transformed swiftly into rapturous applause and shouts of admiration as the skill and discipline of the ACF team shone under the guidance of Team manager and coach, Gloucestershire CEO, Major Alec Masson.”

The  male Cadet team took first place in both  weight categories, 560kg and 600kg, and the female team were runners up in both the 520kg and the 560kg weight categories.

Alan Cook said: “The regular Army teams were soon to find out that the Cadets were not there just to make up the numbers.

“By the end, the Cadets from the Male Gloucestershire ACF Team went through both weight classes without losing a single end gaining 1st place at both categories.

He added: “The final event of the afternoon was the 600kg mixed 4X4 event, which turned out to be the hardest pulling of the day, which resulted in 19 Regt RA defeating the ACF Team ACF 2-0.

Gloucestershire County Commandant Col Lance Ranson TD said: “This is the first time an Army Cadet Force Team has been allowed to compete at a Senior Army TOW event.

“The Cadets from Gloucestershire ACF took it in their stride and came away with some outstanding results with the Regular Army service personnel finding themselves admiring their high sporting skills.

“These were taught by a very proud team manager and CEO of Gloucestershire County, Major Alec Masson who trains the Cadets that come from all over Gloucestershire County to train at Eastern Avenue in Gloucester during the year. Now that’s dedication!”

Gloucestershire ACF is a youth organisation and is always looking to welcome in new Cadets and Adult Volunteers.

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