Good news for Combined Cadet Force funding


The Government has made the decision to abandon plans to reform school cadet force funding, after concern was raised that increased costs would result in the closure of many long standing units.AI3

The funding shake-up had been proposed as a part of plans to introduce 100 new cadet units in state schools by the end of 2015.

Existing Combined Cadet Force (CCF) units would have had to share their funding with the new units in order to meet targets. This would have meant pupils would have needed to contribute £150 a year to join, and units would have to contribute more to their running costs.

After much consideration it has now been decided to keep the current funding and continue paying for volunteers.

Currently around 260 schools run cadet units and receive funding to cover the cost of staff training, uniforms, facilities and volunteer expenses.

Plans are still on track to open 100 new cadet units in state schools by September 2015.

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