Isles of Scilly Army Cadet Officer recognised for 18 years of service


An Isles of Scilly Cadet Officer was recognised earlier this week for 18 years of dedicated voluntary work with the Army Cadet Force.

The clasp was presented to Cadet Officer Julie Smith while Colonel Oliver Chamberlain, Chairman of the Wessex Reserve Forces’ & Cadets’ Association was on the final leg of his regional tour of Cadet Estate Buildings in the region.

Julie had previously received a certificate to mark her service to the community and a medal for 12 years service with the Army Cadet Force.

She plans to wear the decoration on her new uniform on the November Memorial Service, for which the Cadets have been issued with replacement clothing in the new Army Multi-Terrain Pattern Camouflage.

It was the Colonel Chamberlain’s first visit to Scilly and his trip on Wednesday was the final leg on his regional tour of Cadet Estate buildings.

Colonel Chamberlain said he was impressed with the islands’ Cadet Forces and their facilities. He commented, however, that they do need more Volunteer Instructors, especially dedicated Officers like Julie.

He is appealing to adults across the region to get involved in the weekly Cadet parades.

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