Jamie Oliver’s 15 hopefuls attend RAF Reserves boot camp


The Royal Air Force’s newest Reservist Squadron (Sqn), based at RAF St Mawgan near Newquay, worked with the Cornwall Food Foundation to put 28 hopeful trainee chefs through an exciting ‘boot camp’ event, as part of their selection for Fifteen Cornwall at Watergate Bay.

505 Squadron outreach day

A series of military activities were part of a selection day process for the 16-24 year olds, who were hoping to join the Fifteen Cornwall Apprentice Chef programme at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Restaurant at Watergate Bay, which is run by the charity the Cornwall Food Foundation.

The Charity offers the opportunity for successful applicants to gain their NVQ Level 2 apprenticeship, in partnership with Cornwall College. During this time students will also carry out on the job training with professional chefs at Fifteen Cornwall, over a 15 month programme.

The Candidates conducted a series of military tasks at RAF St Mawgan, run by RAF Reservists, which included putting up a tent without instructions, creating a three course meal from a selection of ingredients found in a military ration box, aptitude interviews and teambuilding tasks.

These tasks were designed to assess the candidate’s leadership, teamwork, communication skills and general suitability, and were assessed by the Food Foundation staff. Successful candidates will be invited to enrol on the programme.

The RAF Field Kitchens were manned by Reservists from across the UK. RAF Reservists can be deployed rapidly in a variety of ways, to provide quality food for hungry troops in all conditions.

505 Sqn, based at St Mawgan, is currently recruiting for individuals aged between 18-54 years to train to be RAF reservist chefs.

Commanding Officer, Squadron Leader Mann, said; “This has been a great opportunity for us to showcase our military Chef skills, one of our many specialisations, whilst supporting Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall’s selection day”.

If you have a spirit of adventure and are interested in learning more, please contact 505Sqn-Join@mod.uk   

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