MAD for dogs signs the Armed Forces Covenant


M.A.D for Dogs was asked by service people how they could give back to the dogs who are their lifelines.  This is how M.A.D for Dogs CIC was born and its current project, in Weymouth, launched M.A.D for Dogs, as it has a significant Military presence in the local community.

From the inception it has been M.A.D for Dogs goal to ‘make a difference’ for every dog living with a veteran with PTSD.

The mental health of a dog is just as important as their physical health and M.A.D for Dogs is working hard to promote this message.

M.A.D for Dogs raises awareness, provides tools and knowledge to help those dogs who support ex-service people live longer and happier lives.

Working closely with veteran hubs, their service users, local communities and companies, M.A.D for Dogs helps  them better understand dogs, what they can do to make a difference and how they can support those who rely on their dogs as a lifeline.

M.A.D for Dogs creates a safe non-judgmental environment and shows the veterans ways to encourage their dogs to have down time in order to relax, reboot and recharge.

By signing the Armed Forces Covenant M.A.D for Dogs is pledging to continue to support members of the Armed Forces, Reserves and their families to continue the vital work they do.

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