New Joining Age for Air Cadets


Air Cadets throughout Devon and Somerset are preparing to welcome new members to their respective squadrons. Not an unusual occurrence after the summer holidays, but this time some new joiners will be a little younger than before as the RAF is now allowing year 8 pupils, aged twelve and over to join. The maximum age at which a cadet can join is seventeen.

New Joining Age for Air Cadet

Air Cadet and Instructor in Aircraft

The previous age at which girls and boys could join the Air Cadets was thirteen. The change in the joining age for Air Cadets brings the organisation in line with the Sea Cadet Corps and the Army Cadet Force.

Squadron Leader Dave Rolfe, Media Officer for Devon and Somerset’s Air Cadets said “This is a great opportunity for young people to get involved in an organisation which lives up to its motto of Venture Adventure.”

The lowering of the joining age will enable a greater number of young people to experience the wide range of training and opportunities that are currently provided.


Cadet Marching Band

The Air Training Corps (ATC) or Air Cadets is a national voluntary youth organisation. Flying, gliding, sport, adventure training and performing military music in the Wing Band are some of the activities that will be on offer to the new cadets. Cadets are not obliged to join the armed forces but many eventually choose to do so.

There are also vacancies for adult volunteer staff at some squadrons. Officers, non-commissioned officers, civilian instructors and chaplains are needed to run and supervise training activities. Previous military service is not required and training will be given.

For further information on joining the Air Cadets as an adult volunteer or cadet please call Devon and Somerset Wing ATC Headquarters on 01392 275173 or visit

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