Royal wedding duties made it a perfect year for Megan as Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet


Attending the royal wedding at Windsor was the highlight of a busy year of ceremonial duties for a 17-year-old Air Cadet from Salisbury.

Flight-Sergeant Megan McCormack, of 1010 (City of Salisbury) Squadron, Air Training Corps, was chosen this time last year as one of a select group of Cadets who assist Mrs Sarah Troughton in her role as Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire.

It will soon be time to hand over to a new cohort of Cadets as Megan turns her attention to A-level studies in maths, physics and music and then, hopefully, a career in the RAF.

But she will never forget that special day in May when she was within touching distance of her near-namesake and Prince Harry, and the Queen too, outside St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

Megan said: “I’ve been rather lucky with all the events I’ve attended. I’ve had Remembrance Day parades and visits such as that from the Duchess of Cornwall and The Prince Of Wales, as well as many other smaller events..

“Yes, the first was a bit nerve-racking but it was really nice – a British Empire Medal presentation ceremony, not big crowds just a small gathering where I met and spoke to some amazing people. And I heard about their achievements, and the inspiring things they do for their communities.

“After my A-Levels I may take a gap year, with a bit of volunteering abroad and travelling before joining the RAF. That’s definitely what I want to do. I will hopefully go in as a pilot.”

Megan plays the trumpet and piano and sings and also enjoys a range of sports activities, especially football and hockey

One of her last duties as a Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet was to accompany her to the official opening of a new Joint Cadet Centre at Trowbridge.

“It’s a great pleasure for me to have the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadets,” said Mrs Troughton. “They come from the three services. If we’re lucky they get to join me on royal visits – we normally have four or five in a year.

“They are a real help to me, even if it’s just opening a door for the Prince of Wales, for example. Members of the royal family always speak to them and that’s quite special.

“And Megan went to the wedding, of course, along with a member of the Sea Cadet Corps. They were right outside where the Queen went in, and Prince Harry and Meghan – or the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as we must now call them!”

Mrs Troughton will be announcing her new Cadets at the annual Lord Lieutenant’s awards ceremony being held at Devizes Town Hall on Tuesday, 16 October.

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