Sedgmoor Army Cadets qualify to take on 50 mile trek in Cosford


A group of Sedgmoor Army Cadets will be putting their best foot forward this April as they are taking on a massive 50 mile march.

Six Cadets from Bridgwater and Cannington have been proving themselves worthy of taking on the gruelling march at RAF Cosford in Shropshire, taking place on April 25 – 26, by completing a series of weekend training exercises on Salisbury Plain.

Jellalabad Company Cadets

Jellalabad Company Cadets taking part in their last weekend training exercise before they take on the 50 mile trek in Cosford, Shropshire

The Cadets, of Jellalabad Company, Somerset ACF, are Victoria Lane (14) and Caroline Gurd of (15) both of Bridgwater and Ben Squires (17),  Shannon Came (16), Joseph Harper (16) and George Caldin-Cox (15) of Cannington.

They are among 50 Somerset Army Cadets who have been training for this challenge, starting with a 12 mile trek in January and working their way up to the last exercise held on the weekend of March 29-30 where they covered a huge distance of 38 miles.

The Marching Teams used the southern range road on Salisbury Plain from Knook Camp to Larkhill and back on the Saturday, covering a distance of just over 26 miles, while Sunday was a slightly easier day from Knook to Warminster and back covering around 12 miles.

All of the Cadets completed the final exercise and therefore qualified to take on the 50 mile challenge.

Captain Jon Beake, Cadet Officer at Jellalabad Company, said: “All of the Cadets took on the final training weekend with enthusiasm and I was blown away by their determination to qualify for the Cosford march.

“They should all give themselves a good pat on the back for their achievements so far and I have every faith that they will all complete the 50 mile Cosford challenge this April.”

Three teams of around 17 Cadets and Adults have now qualified for both the Cosford event and The Forces March in May, which has been organised in support of The Veterans’ Charity. The most senior of these teams will also have the chance to take on the Nijmegen ‘Walk of the Worlds’ in Holland this coming July.

Cadets who take part in these activities are required to contribute to the cost and will be undertaking fundraising over the next few months

Jellalabad Cadets will be bag-packing at Asda in Taunton over the Easter weekend and they have each been issued with a number of Somerset ACF ‘charity’ wristbands to sell.

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