Somerset and Gloucestershire Cadets take gold in York Tug-of-War championships


On Saturday July 7, one of the hottest days of the year so far, around 200 Army Cadets and Cadet Force Volunteers from all over the country competed in The ACF National Tug of War Championships in York.

The front runners in the girls’ category made themselves known immediately, with the combined teams of Glos/Somerset (GlosSom) ACF representing SW Region, Derbyshire ACF representing Eastern Region and Glasgow/Lanarkshire ACF representing Scotland.

Some up and coming teams were representing their regions for the first time in Tug of War, and walked away with their heads held high, having produced some outstanding performances.

The final of the Girls competition saw both teams try their hardest, however the South West Region took the title in the end, beating the Eastern Region by 2 – 1.

The Scottish Region took a very credible 3rd place beating the North East team by 2 – 0.

Boys’ teams set the standard across the board and saw some of the best pulling from representatives of all Regions, however it was once again the South West team and the Eastern team that made it to the final face-off.

The South West A team came up against the Eastern A team in the finals after defeating their B-team counterparts in the semi-final.

Despite their best efforts, the Eastern team were out-pulled once again by the South West Gloucestershire/ Somerset team who took them out in a 2-0 victory.

A spokesman for the South West Tug of War teams, said: “All regional teams enthralled the spectators my competing to a very high standard and proud of what they have achieved at the National Championships.

“It was one of the strongest displays of commitment by Cadets that has been seen since the introduction of Tug of War into ACF sports.


Girls: 1st: SW Region A 2nd: Eastern Region A 3rd: Scotland Region A 4th: NE Region A

Boys: 1st: SW Region A 2nd: Eastern Region A 3rd: Eastern Region B 4th: SW Region B

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