Somerset & Gloucestershire Army Cadets to represent England in Tug of War Championships


After beating out the competition, a group of Gloucestershire and Somerset Army Cadets (ACF) have been asked to represent England in the national Tug Of War Championships this Summer.

The combined Gloucestershire and Somerset ACF team walked away with all the honours at the recent All England National Youth Under-18 Tug Of War Championships in Sandhurst, Berkshire last Saturday (June 15).

Despite the poor weather conditions, the girls’ teams and the boys’ teams won both their weight categories.

The girls’ ACF teams competed in both finals of the Youth 520kg and 560kg weight classes and took victory by two pulls to nil in both categories against the Leicestershire, Northamptonshire & Rutland (LNR) ACF.

Similarly, the two boys’ ACF teams dominated both the 530kg and the 560kg weight class against the spirited LNR teams, again winning by two pulls to nil.

Their teams were made up of 18 Somerset Army Cadets and 14 Gloucestershire Army Cadets.

Following the victory, Gloucestershire and Somerset ACF boys’ team have been asked to represent England at the forthcoming UK Championships which are to be held in Perth, Scotland, on August 9 to 11, 2013.

Cadet Executive Officer for Gloucestershire ACF, Major Alec Masson, said that Tug of War is more than just a game to these cadets:

“The Gloucestershire/ Somerset cadet team take the game very seriously as they put a lot into it,” he explained.

“They practice weekend after weekend, taking their own time to train for this competition, so of course they were delighted to have won against LNR.

“It is such an honour that they will be representing England at the UK Championships and I’m sure they will be up to the task.

Major Masson has chosen 17 year-old Josh Williams, from Yeovil, Somerset as the England team captain.

Cadet Support Officer for Somerset ACF, Lieutenant Tim Tatler, commented: “The cadets really enjoy the competition every year and this is the third year in a row our team has won the competition.

“It is a really enjoyable day for everyone involved and the Cadets are definitely looking forward to representing England this August!”

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