Somerset nursery first in the UK to sign Armed Forces Covenant


Northover House Day Nursery became the first nursery school in the United Kingdom to sign up to the Armed Forces Covenant today.

An official ceremony was held in the Fleet Air Arm Museum and the Armed Forces Covenant was signed by Mrs Emma Wilmore on behalf of Northover House Day Nursery and co-signed by Commander Henry Merewether from Royal Navy Air Base Yeovilton on behalf of the Armed Forces.

The family run nursery based in Ilchester, Somerset, was naturally delivering the Armed Forces Covenant ethos of treating those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces and their families fairly, Rachael Brannagan, Regional Employer Engagement Director at Wessex Reserve Forces’ & Cadets’ Association explained why the Covenant pledge was ideal for the nursery:

“The Armed Forces Covenant seemed like a perfect fit for Northover House Nursery, around 85% of their children come from military families; they also employ service spouses and are willing to offer flexible leave during, before and after deployments.”

Northover House Day Nursery sign the Armed Forces Covenant

Northover House Day Nursery owners Mr Keith and Mrs Emma Wilmore were delighted to officially demonstrate their support to the Armed Forces community, Mrs Wilmore said:

“We are very happy to sign the Armed Forces Covenant today, we opened our nursery over 11 years ago and in that time we have looked after numerous military children. When Rachael talked to us about the Armed Forces Covenant it just seemed so appropriate to formalise what we have already been doing naturally since the beginning.”

Commander Henry Merewether was honoured to sign on behalf of the Armed Forces, he said:

“I am very proud to co-sign this Armed Forces Covenant pledge today; as a serving member of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy it is heart-warming to know that Northover House Day Nursery and so many other businesses and charitable organisations voluntarily make a pledge to demonstrate their support for the Armed Forces and actively ensure we are treated fairly.”

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