TA Soldier who fought on after injury in Afghanistan honoured by Devon’s Lord-Lieutenant


A Plymouth Territorial Army (TA) soldier who fought on in Afghanistan, despite being wounded in an explosion, has been honoured by Devon’s Lord-Lieutenant.

Lance Corporal Malcolm Hobbs, 39, received a certificate for Meritorious Service from Devon’s Lord-Lieutenant, Sir Eric Dancer, at a special ceremony held at the Council House in Plymouth.

Malcolm Hobbs receiving his certificate from the Lord-Lieutenant of Devon, Sir Eric Dancer

Malcolm Hobbs receiving his certificate from the Lord-Lieutenant of Devon, Sir Eric Dancer

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He described the award as one of his proudest moments as a member of the Reserves.

“In terms of my service with the TA I have two top career highlights and receiving this award is one of them,” he said.

“The second was when I returned from my tour in Afghanistan and found that my Commanding Officer had written me a personal letter of thanks for what I did over there.”

Malcolm, a member of was mobilised for operations in Afghanistan in 2010 and was based at one of the most exposed patrol bases in Helmand Province, where he was involved in numerous engagements with enemy forces.

In August, 2011 he was on patrol when an improvised explosive device (IED) was set off, wounding a number of other soldiers including him.

Despite being injured and evacuated back to Camp Bastion Lance Corporal Hobbs continued with the tour of duty, providing vital logistical support to the Battle Group.

“It wasn’t the easiest of jobs to do over there after what happened,” he explained, “but you can’t give up when you’re deployed abroad – it’s part of the reason you join the Reserves – just in case you’re needed.

“To know that the work I’ve done with the TA is appreciated is really incredible and I’m really chuffed, because this award shows that appreciation.”

In his full-time job outside the Reserves, Malcolm works for the Army as a Continuity Non Commissioned Officer (NCO), nurturing new TA soldiers through the starting process and helping them settle into their platoon. 

He dedicates the rest of his time to his wife Dawn, and son Thomas, who is three years old.

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