Taunton Army Cadets take part in WWI debate at House of Lords Chamber


Three Taunton Cadets have had their say at The House of Lords as they took part in a televised debate, broadcast on BBC Parliament.

The event, held by The House of Lords, in partnership with the MOD, The Royal British Legion and the English-Speaking Union, saw 150 Cadets and 80 veterans debate on a theme of defence and remembrance entitled ‘One hundred years after World War One, what is its legacy for the UK and how does it shape the nation today?’

WW1 Debate

Three core teams took part in the event, each taking a different stance on the topic:

  • The UK is a more globally responsible nation – represented by the Air Training Corps (ATC)
  • Society is more aware of the impact of war – represented by the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and the Army Cadet Force (ACF)
  • The UK has not learned from its experience – represented by the Sea Cadet Corps (SCC).

The local Army Cadets who took part were Rhiannon Moss, aged 14, Lawrence Fouracre, aged 12, and Christopher Lee – all of Priorswood, Taunton. They represented the Army Cadet Force and the Combined Cadet Force nationally as pre-prepared floor speakers and impromptu participants.

Captain Jon Beake, Company Training Officer for Somerset ACF, said: “I’m extremely proud of our Somerset Cadets who took part in the debate, they did a great job of representing the ACF both locally and nationally.

“It was an excellent opportunity for all of the young people involved and I know that our Cadets really enjoyed the experience.”

Brigadier David Keenan, Director Youth and Cadets at Army Headquarters, said: “Young people took part in World War One, so it is absolutely fitting that its legacy is being debated by young people today.

“This occasion is not only part of their education and learning, but is also a tremendous opportunity to genuinely share thoughts and feelings, and to reflect on the past with their peers and with those who have served their country.

He added: “Army Cadets are proud and grateful for having been allowed to debate such an important topic in such prestigious surroundings.”

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