The Royal Wessex Yeomanry invite employers to live firing exercise.


The Royal Wessex Yeomanry invited a number of employers to visit the Regimental live firing exercise at Lulworth ranges.  The employers visited the tower and the ammunition stores, before being taken onto the ranges to watch the crews firing. 

Lieutenant Colonel Ben Burdon-Cooper, Commanding Officer of the Royal Wessex Yeomanry and a reservist himself, said: “This event gives us a chance to thank the employers who support us, from the large companies like Qinetic to the smaller ones.  It’s an opportunity to show them what we do, how we train their employees in their Reservist roles and how that can benefit them too.  We have 5 Squadrons across the South West, from Exeter to Swindon, Cirencester to Bovington and Salisbury as well.  We have one of the most demanding roles in the Reserve, given the complexity of the Challenger 2 tank.  It is one of the most capable and potent land warfighting platforms and requires a considerable amount of training.  Today we were building up to our annual crew tests, a culmination of all their gunnery tactical training, coming onto the range and firing a number of shoots, just as a Regular regiment would do and to the same standards.”

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