Uniform to work day 2013: Emily Pounder wears her uniform with pride


For 25-year-old Emily Pounder, arriving for work today (Wednesday 26 June) at the offices of a nursing agency in Long Ashton, Bristol, has been anything but routine.

For the first time, the Territorial Army Signaller is wearing combat dress and beret to mark Uniform to Work Day, an annual event in which thousands of Reservists across the UK demonstrate their pride in serving their country. At the same time, they show employers how much their support is valued.

Emily, who trains with 43 Signal Squadron, based at Bath TA Centre, said: “This year I was more than willing to wear the uniform and to tell everyone that, as Reservists, we are here and are proud to serve.”

Emily works in the sales and marketing team at Thornbury Nursing Services, which provides staff for complex care patients.

She joined the TA at 17. “It provides the challenges, excitement and variety you would never experience in civilian life as well as being in complete contrast to working behind a desk in the daytime,” she said.

“I’ve made many great friends. I particularly enjoy interacting with so many people who come together in the TA from very different walks of life.”

Sales director Ian McKenzie said: “Thornbury Nursing Services has been delighted to support Emily Pounder, throughout her five years of TA service, and indeed all our Forces throughout the year. The skills Emily has learned as an Army reservist, such as team building, interpersonal skills and communication, show through in her passion for her work.”

For more information about 43 Signal Squadron, call 01225 427747 or email 21SRAS-43-PSAO@mod.uk. To find out about opportunities in the TA visit www.army.mod.uk/join/20237.aspx.

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