Yeovil make-up artist takes on real ‘war paint’ with Dorchester Territorial Army


Rosie Cox loves her job as a Yeovil-based make-up artist but in her spare time she opts to use real ‘war paint’ as a Reservist with the Territorial Army.

Yeovil make-up artist Rosie Cox

Yeovil based make-up artist Rosie Cox works as a Reservist in the Territorial Army in her spare time

The 21-year-old regularly trains with Dorchester-based C Company of the South West’s Territorial Army infantry battalion, 6 RIFLES, and is enjoying every minute.

She is currently in the process of completing her basic training, which includes learning to be a medic.

Her mother, Melanie, is a former Reservist and her father, Richard Kennard, was once Company Sergeant-Major at Dorchester.

But Rosie insists: “It wasn’t really a case of wanting to follow my parents’ example.

“I just needed a complete contrast to my civilian job and Army life definitely gives me that! Sometimes, it can be hard arriving home on a Friday absolutely shattered from a week at work to find the motivation to set off for a full weekend of training with the Company – but it’s always worthwhile.

“It has helped keep me fit, including extra training in Yeovil with some of the lads from C Company who are based in the town.”

In addition to the serious side of Army life, Reservists from C Company enjoy plenty of opportunities for adventurous training.

Rosie, a former student at Westfield Community School and Yeovil College, will be skiing in France next March. Others will be crewing a racing yacht on an island-hopping adventure in the Caribbean, from St Thomas to Miami.

The Territorial Army is to be renamed the Army Reserve, under proposals announced in July by The Secretary of State for Defence. With £1.8bn investment in better training and better equipment, it is planned to expand to 30,000 trained reservists by 2018.

Enhanced conditions for reservists include the introduction of paid annual leave and pension entitlements during training and operations, plus better access to defence health services and training.

Employers will be given £500 per month per reservist when mobilised, in addition to existing help such as with the cost of advertising for replacements.

C Company is keen to attract new recruits. For more information call 01305 264969 or to find out about opportunities in the TA visit

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