Army Reservists of 165 Port & Maritime Regiment explore the river caverns of the Mexican jungle

A team of Reservists from Plymouth and Cornwall have been on an advanced diving expedition, exploring the spectacular caverns of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.Members […]

Wessex RFCA estates team press ahead with Army Reserve Centre building projects

Wessex Reserve Forces’ & Cadets’ Association has already completed two major building projects at Army Reserve Centres in Yeovil and at Derriford in Plymouth to […]

South West’s Army Reserve medics prepare for key standby role

Nearly 100 Army Reserve medics from around the South West will embark on a 10-day annual camp in Yorkshire next month to prove their operational […]

6 Rifles take part in Exercise Frosted Wyvern

This March 44 Reserves from 6 Rifles had the opportunity to take part in Exercise Frosted Wyvern, an intense alpine ski expedition which took place […]

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