Armed Forces Covenant

The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise from the nation that those who serve or have served, and their families, are treated fairly.

The Covenant is a national responsibility and the Government is committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for the Armed Forces community by working with a range of delivery partners including businesses, local authorities, charities and the public.

s300_logoforGovWessex Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association (RFCA) is responsible for the delivery of the Armed Forces Covenant in the South West region.

A Covenant is a written and publicised voluntary pledge from organisations who wish to demonstrate their support to the Armed Forces Community.

All Covenants include a core statement of commitment which those adopting the scheme sign up to. This covers the two key principles of the Armed Forces Covenant, which are;

  • no member of the Armed Forces Community should face disadvantage in the provision of public and commercial services compared to any other citizen
  •  in some circumstances special treatment may be appropriate, especially for the injured or bereaved

Each organisation will be encouraged to offer support in a way most appropriate to their situation and capacity, with the pledge template including a ‘menu’ of options for them to choose to sign-up to.  This menu covers employment support for Veterans, Reservists, service spouses and partners, as well as support for Cadet Units, Armed Forces Day, and discounts for the Armed Forces Community.  There is also an opportunity for companies and charitable organisations to add their own commitments based on local circumstances.

A Covenant can be adopted by a business or charitable organisation of any size, and from any industry, whether you are an employer of a member of the Armed Forces Community or simply wish to acknowledge publicly your support for the Armed Forces.

By November 2023, over 1,100 companies head-quartered in the South West had developed their own Covenants, publicly demonstrating their support to the Armed Forces Community.  

To find out more about the Armed Forces Covenant and how your business could benefit from demonstrating support to the Armed Forces Community follow this link, or contact one of our Employer Engagement Directors; Jon Beake on or 01823 217934 or Emily Kadoch on or 01823 217954.

Organisations committing their support in an Armed Forces Covenant may also be eligible for a Defence Employer Recognition Scheme Award.

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