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The University Officer Training Corps is part of the Army Reserve (formerly known as the Territorial Army) and presents students with a unique opportunity to challenge themselves by partaking in military exercises, adventurous training, community projects and expeditions both in the UK and overseas.

Cadets have no obligation to join the armed forces when they leave university and can resign from the OTC at any time. The officers and non-commissioned officers, who function as instructors and administrative and support staff, are a mixture of Regular Army, Army Reserve and Non Regular Permanent Staff. The rates of pay for OCdts varies between £35 and £57 a day depending on time served and qualifications/rank gained.

There are 19 University Officer Training Corps (UOTCs) throughout the UK, each of which serves the universities in a distinct geographic area. Those serving larger areas may have several detachments. Each UOTC is effectively an independent regiment, with its own cap badge and other insignia, its own stable belt and its own customs and traditions.

OTC members are classed as Officer Cadets (OCdt) and are “Group B” members of the Army Reserve , paid when on duty. As part of “Group B” they are neither trained nor liable for mobilised (active) service.

OCdts can gain appointments to Junior Under Officer (JUO) and Senior Under Officer (SUO) and can also apply to the Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB) which, if they pass, leads to the opportunity to attempt the AR Commissioning Course (ARCC) with the goal of a commission as a Second Lieutenant.

There is a basic standard of fitness expected of officer Cadets. However, there is no requirement to be an Olympic athlete, but at the same time, the higher the standard, the more you will get out of weekends.



Exeter University Officer Training Corps (EUOTC) is one of 19 University OTCs. It mainly serves the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth, but also serves other Higher Education Establishments in the South West such as Camborne School of Mines, and Plymouth College of Art and Design (PCAD). If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student you can apply to join. Ideally you should have at least 2 years left at University. Each year applicants are invited to attend a ‘Selection’ Weekend to see if they like what they see and if they have what it takes! However, the best criterion for selection is that you really want to join. On enlistment, members become volunteer “Officer Cadets” of the Army Reserve.

The OTC offers a programme of activities based on military training, adventurous training, sport and social events. We teach a range of basic military skills to bring recruits up to AR ‘trained soldier’ level. Underlying this is an emphasis on Challenge, Fun and Excitement. Military work is conducted to exacting professional standards – but our experienced Regular and AR Staff ensure everybody is able to take things at a realistic pace. Expect to become an expert marksman with the SA-80 system rifle, to learn to navigate, master survival skills, work with helicopters & boats and practice the basics of command and leadership. In your time with EUOTC you will have a chance to sail ocean racers, trek, climb, ski and dive, as well as participate in more conventional sports. You will also attend some serious parties and make friends for life. And don’t forget you get paid for all this!



Bristol University Officer Training Corps was formed in 1910 and has had a long and distinguished history. Training takes place during term time on a Wednesday evening and selected weekends for students from Bristol University, Bath University, The University of the West of England and Bath Spa University. Training varies from basic infantry skills in the first year to leadership development in the second year and beyond as Officer Cadets learn how to take command of sections and platoons. The culmination of the training year is in June/July when the UOTC has a two week collective training package to practise all the skills and drills that they have learnt throughout the year. Additionally within BrUOTC there are numerous Adventurous Training opportunities including skiing, scuba diving, sailing, mountaineering and many more. Sport is taken seriously within the unit with BrUOTC netball team boasting the accolade of Army Reserve champions. Other sporting opportunities include cross-country, rugby, football, triathlon and polo with regular training and matches throughout the year culminating in the inter-UOTC Queen’s Challenge Cup at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Recruitment takes place at the start of each academic year with Bristol UOTC having a stall at each of the universities’ Freshers’ Fayres followed by open evenings held in the run up to Selection Weekend. If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact us at

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