Royal Marines Reserve

The Royal Marines Reserve provides the Royal Navy with a commando-trained General Reserve, volunteers who have all passed the same rigorous tests of their mental and physical abilities as the Regular counterparts to earn the famous Green Beret.

RMR Bristol is sub-divided into detachments covering the main centres of population in the South West of England and South Wales – Bristol, Lympstone (nr Exeter), Plymouth, Poole and Cardiff.

They recruit young men from varied backgrounds and with no previous military experience as well as former Royal Marines and others who may have transferred from the Army Reserve. RMR Bristol is responsible for training and providing specialists in support of the regular Royal Marines, particularly in Heavy Weapons Direct Fire Support and Anti-Tank Warfare.

Other specialisms within the unit include Landing Craft Coxwains, Media & Information Ops, PT instructors, Signals, Drivers, Special Forces and Civil-Military Co-Operation.

Reservists continue to develop their core skills in the form of Live Firing and Tactical Exercises in the UK and overseas while weekday training also encompasses sports, abseiling and unarmed combat.

To find out more about the Royal Marines Reserve, contact 0117 973 3523 or click here.


RMR Bristol
Dorset House
Litfield Place
Bristol BS8 3NA
T: 0117 973 3523

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