Air Cadets take part in advanced Fieldcraft training exercise


Air Cadets from across the South West have had the opportunity to take part in a week long Fieldcraft training exercise, which took place at RAF St Mawgan and Penhale Training Area.

Exercise Pagan Warrior is an advanced Fieldcraft and tactics camp aimed at senior Air Cadets. The focus of the Exercise is to offer cadets the opportunity to develop core soldiering and infantry skills, and ensure the cadets are trained to a high standard in all aspects of Fieldcraft.

The advanced and in-depth training opportunity was organised entirely by Adult Volunteers, and was delivered by these volunteers in conjunction with senior cadets who had previously qualified from the RAF Air Cadet organisations most advanced Leadership and Fieldcraft course – Junior Leaders.

During the Exercise, cadets had the opportunity to hone their skills in a wide range of areas, including navigation, battle casualty drills, completion of patrol reports and reacting to fire control orders. At the conclusion of the training week, cadets took part in a 60-hour long exercise designed to test the skills they had been practicing. The scenario involved cadets being deployed to Penhale Training area and living in field conditions throughout this period. During this time the cadets conducted day and night patrols, took part in stag rotas and faced engagement drills with ‘the enemy’.

Adult Volunteer, Warrant Officer Ben Samways, who was the Exercise Conducting Officer, said:

“Exercise Pagan Warrior is designed to train and test our senior cadets in fieldcraft and tactics not routinely available at wing level. These types of exercise are important to ensure we continue to challenge our senior cadets and build on existing skills.”

Flying Officer Adam Clapp RAFAC, Adult Volunteer and Exercise Adjutant said:

“We had interest from over 100 cadets from right across the South West Region this year. Fieldcraft is so much more than just a bit of cam paint and hiding in the woods. It is vital the RAF Air Cadets continue to professionally deliver this type of training, to not only develop well rounded and resilient individuals, but also to promote a detailed understanding of the vital work carried out daily by RAF Force Protection assets across the globe.”

Wing Commander Nick Watt, Officer Commanding Dorset and Wiltshire Wing said about the Exercise:

“Pagan Warrior provides a unique opportunity for South West Region RAF Air Cadets to develop advanced fieldcraft skills in a safe and challenging environment. It was personally uplifting to see first-hand how much each cadet developed during the week as their skills and confidence increased. Speaking to cadets after the exercise, the consistent feedback I received was how much they’d enjoyed the challenge, what they’d learnt about themselves and the self-confidence they’d gained from completing the activity.”


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