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South West Army Cadets travel to The Somme

Army Cadets from Gloucestershire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Bristol, Somerset and Wiltshire joined their counterparts from across the country, in a uni...

Former Army regular and ex-policeman honoured for outstanding service as Dorset Cadets’ adult instructor

An ex-Regular Army Sergeant who then had a 23-year-career in the police has made such an impact in just eight years as an adult instructor […]

Social Impact Resulting from Expenditure on Cadets

Below is the link to the second year interim report prepared by Northampton University on the social impact resulting from expenditure on cadets.The M...

Adult volunteer earns a Lord-Lieutenant’s award for extraordinary dedication to Bristol Army Cadets’ training

A 33-year-old environmental health officer with Bristol City Council has been honoured with a Lord-Lieutenant’s award for his exceptional commitment...

Cadet Force adult volunteers receive the new Queen’s Commission at Longleat House

Longleat House provided a stately backdrop as 36 Army Cadet Force adult volunteers from across the Wessex region received the new Queen’s Cadet Forc...

Trowbridge’s Army and RAF Air Cadets Celebrate Opening of New Joint Cadet Centre

Proud Army and Air Cadets and their families have welcomed The Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire and other dignitaries and guests from the civilian and mil...

Devon Army Cadets eager to learn lessons for life

More than 40 of the 300-plus Devon Army Cadets attending their annual camp at Nesscliff Training Area in Shropshire have already signed up for BTEC [&...

Bristol Army Cadets explore their potential at their annual camp on Dartmoor

More than 160 Bristol Army Cadets have been testing their ‘green’ skills and making the most of opportunities for adventurous training on a succes...

Thornbury Detachment Cadets receive awards

Cadets at Thornbury Detachment were presented with badges and certificates on Thursday 19th July by the President of the Thornbury branch of the Royal...

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