Gloucestershire Freemasons sign the Military Covenant


Tim Henderson-Ross, the head of Gloucestershire Freemasons, signed the Armed Forces Covenant at Imjin Barracks near Gloucester. The Covenant was countersigned by Brigadier Jonathan Biggart MBE, Deputy Chief of Staff Strategy and Training, Headquarters Allied Rapid Reaction Corps in the presence of Major General Gianluca Carai (Italian Army), Deputy Commander NATO Allied Rapid Reaction Corps. The Covenant is a pledge by any organisation which signs it that members of the Armed Forces and their families will not be disadvantaged in education, healthcare and especially employment.

The ARRC deploys wherever needed to demonstrate the solidarity of NATO as it comprises troops from over twenty NATO member nations. The Covenant is a renewing and a strengthening of the bond with the community which has a particular value for the ARRC whose families of are often left behind at short notice, many in a foreign country. The name ‘Imjin’ is itself a reminder of the pride Gloucestershire has in what our Armed Forces have done and continue to do on our behalf.

“The comradeship, tradition of service and the shared experience of freemasonry provides a welcoming and familiar environment to those serving in or leaving the Armed Forces. I am very proud to sign the Covenant on behalf of our 2,500 members, all of whom will be happy to give their support in their working and personal lives to those who serve and their families”, said Tim Henderson-Ross.


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